About J-Momo

J-MOMO is a small, artisan pasta producer in the Campania region of Italy.

The vast majority of the ingredients used in making our pasta are produced in Caggiano.  This gorgeous little town is perched 828 meters above sea level and is blessed with pristine woods, countryside and streams.

The Cilento territory’s seaside with its sparkling blue water is just a few kilometers away. Here nature is our most important supplier giving us daily the fresh spring water and most of the ingredients used to create our fresh pastas.The locally made ingredients include ricotta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts, herbs and vegetables, as well as the flour used for the pasta dough. The fresh fish come from the nearby crystal clear sea of the Cilento, which for years has received the blue flag, an international certification of water quality.

We specialize in fresh, handmade pastas and stuffed pastas that are frozen. Our stuffed pastas contain sophisticated yet natural ingredients.

Our clients are the professionals who work for the finest food service companies. We are in daily contact and often collaborate to create original new recipes and fresh pasta varieties. We aren’t a big company, nor do we aspire to become one. We feel it’s our duty to focus on producing high-quality products and believe our fresh pastas demonstrate this dedication.

Tradition, culture and innovation are the priorities of the master pasta makers and highly skilled employees who work in our factory. The combination of such prized characteristics guarantees that our products are always wholesome, delicious and of the highest quality.


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