Egg and Cacio cheese “Tubetti”

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Egg and Cacio cheese “Tubetti”

Never forget traditions, with dishes which accompany us from childhood to the adult age and keep always the same good taste.

Everybody remembers this dish. It is among those they taught us to eat during the childhood. Maybe because it accompanies all the happy and easy-going moments and it’s always a pleasure to find it steaming on the table.

Ingredients (4 people): 14.11 oz. of “tubetti”; 1.76 oz. of butter; 2.64 oz. of grated Pecorino; 1.76 oz. of grated Parmigiano; 2 eggs; salt, pepper and parsley.


While the pasta is boiling, in a saucepan whisk the eggs with salt and pepper. In another pot, let the butter melt and, keeping the flame low, put the pasta and mix. Put the cheeses and the whisked eggs. Mix all with a wooden spoon, until the egg will seize up. Serve it hot with a sparkle of minced parsley and another bit of pepper.

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